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Artists, bands, Artist Manager, Tour Manager, Labels: Through this info doc, I will show you how you can build an effective and sustainable tour. It's not a magic recipe, it requires proper efforts and organisation to succeed. 

You are an artist and you are struggling to build a tour

and be invited for festivals.

I Will tell you WHY

                                      You just get a new release on the market.
                                      You are so eager to go on tour and defend your new release but:

                                                — You sent thousand of emails to Bookers  and live venues but they don’t show much interest about your band

                                                — You are not invited to play in a festival

                                                — A well known act is not interested to have you as support act

                                                — You are losing money each time you are touring

                                                — Not much audience are coming to your show despite the fact you promote your show on Facebook


                                                This is a tough call, it takes a lot of your time.

                                                I know very well the feeling.

                                                As an Artist Manager, I went through some very similar situation and I still see a lot of artists who are struggling.


                                                Good news, I’m going to provide you some answers to your question and help you to move forward

  • How to build successfully a tour (I will guide you through a list of tested steps )
  • How to promote your tour effectively (to avoid you play for empty venues)
  • How to budget your tour without getting any surprise (I will share with you a doc that will simplify your budget manage

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Discover a clear  and simple strategy

to build a successful tour and grow your audience