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Receive a series of tips to prepare your tour and warm your audience, but also a set of promotion strategies  to convert your audience to fanbase.

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This FREE EBOOK Guide Reveals...

We've put together the most comprehensive ebook guide to help you to promote successfully your next tour. It contains the exact method we have tried and tested in some of the most competitive music markets. If it works for us, it will  work for you!

  • Revealed: the simple method you must apply before you build any new tour and promotion activities.
  • Get the promotion hacks that will turn your tour from empty venues to sold out shows.
  • Discover the secrets to create & test ultra effective promotion campaigns.

This guide will teach you:

How to collect the right data

In this section, I will guide you (in just a few steps) on how to find the relevant data that will help you to find and build your audience.

Practical tips on how to promote your next tour

I will guide you to different options to promote effectively your next tour such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads but also many others

How to understand and engage with your audience

I will share a set of best practises on how you can gain knowledge and create a momentum with your new potential fans

How to grow your fanbase during and after your tour 

You will go through 12 tested tactics that I systematically used with my bands.

All this can be yours, right now, for free! It's time to take action now !

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