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Through this cheat-sheet, I will show you how you can promote an effective and sustainable tour. It's not a magic recipe, it requires proper efforts and organisation to succeed. 

You are an artist and you are about to go on tour in a few weeks.

If it’s the case, CONGRATS ! 

You are about to start an incredible life adventure !

But are you sure you did all what's needed to promote your tour ?

IMAGINE , you spent last few months saving for your tour. 

You asked your grandma or friends around to get some money for the most important project of your life: Touring with your band for the next 2 weeks

IMAGINE you travel several hours with your band in a tiny van packed to the roof with gears and some clothes.

For the next 2 weeks, your routine will be:

  • Few to long hours drive everyday to reach your next venue
  • All your gears to carry and set up by yourself, 
  • Spartan accommodation, 
  • So so food along the way

On top of it, you must play your best gig every nights just for a few random people (as you may never know who is in the audience) who often don’t really care of who is playing.

IMAGINE that you have 2 weeks tour ahead with probably similar conditions on a daily basis. 

At the end, when you are back home and check the results of the tour.

  • You realised that you gained 10/15 extra followers on Facebook.
  • You sold 5 t-shirts and 10 LP  
  • Unfortunately you spend a larger amount of money and time in preparing and set up this tour. 

Not great right !

Unfortunately, it’s not a fiction story.

I came across many talented bands going on tour, putting a lot of efforts on booking shows with venues and festival, spending money on logistic aspects (renting vans for instance) and neglecting the promotion of their shows. 

Bands, sometime, count also perhaps naively on the effort of the venue to do the right level of promotion.

No miracle here,  they end up playing in front of 1, 2 or 5  people even in some of the coolest venues. 

I still remember a legendary venue in the North of Germany where one of my band had to play, and the venue was literally empty (4 or 5 people perhaps in a space of 150 cap) and the local sound engineer was calling his friends to come to see the show.

How many times, I heard: oh it s too bad there were so few people last night BUT your show was so amazing, you should come back !

As an artist/band, should you blame each venue or bookers for not bringing an audience ? 

Of course not, venues and bookers provide you a place to perform including backline and some task-force for the show (Sound engineer, light engineer sometimes, ticket seller..) and do some “light” promotion through their channel. 

Sometimes you may come across a really passionate venue owner who will do his best to bring you some crowd BUT it’s not happening all the time.

You are, as an artist/band, in charge of bringing the audience.

I understand the fact that every new band need to build their audience, and touring is one of the best way  to increase your fanbase BUT it has to be done in an efficient way.


                                                Good news, I’m going to provide you answers to your struggle and help you to move forward !

  • Where to find your audience (I will guide you to locate your audience)
  • How to engage your audience (I will provide you some tested tips to get your audience engaged from day 1) 
  • Grow your audience through Facebook Ads (I will introduce you to 2 type of campaigns to help you to gain additional fans)
  • Alternatives to promote your show (I will provide you some tested practises that I used to promote tours)

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