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Step By Step

My Story:

I’m 46 y/o living in the suburb of Amsterdam. In the early days of my career, I worked for large IT Enterprise company. During that period, I got the opportunity to interact with many large customers through various IT projects.

I understood the importance of building relationship in order to facilitate and succeed in the development of large business projects. As a direct consequence I developed an acquainted taste for digital technology from that period.

In parallel, having a strong passion for music, I started working on various projects which consist on promoting and touring artists and bands in Europe and Asia. I always consider this period as my apprentice time as I gained knowledge, experience and developed my network.

From 2010 up to now, I worked as promoter and consultant in Bangkok. I have been developing the business activities of  Vijicorp Ltd.

Through the last 5 years, I promoted a various set of artists such as Mogwai, Vampire Weekend, Backstreet Boys, Herbie Hancock, Kings of Convenience, Explosions in the Sky, Sergio Mendes and it’s not over. Through the success of our shows,  the level services provided to the artists coming to Bangkok, the level of trust of the different booking agency I’m dealing with, Vijicorp Ltd became a key actor on the Asian scene.

Just recently, in 2015, I decided to create Smallfish which focus mostly on artists management. I clearly understand the various challenge faced by a young artist or band who want to be recognised or tour more. Therefore, I’m really eager to provide through an adequate and structured path, a set of services that will enable any artist to gain visibility and develop his career to the next level.

Some artists I have and had the privilege to work with:

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Our Strengths

Expert advice

By contacting us, you will be in direct contact with our key experts.

They will provide you the most appropriate strategy advice that fit your needs. Also they will allow you to bring your career to the next level.  

We, at SmallFish, always consider our clients as partners.  Consequently, we do commit by helping our clients to achieve their full potential.

High Quality of Services:

Commitment. Attention to details. Flexibility and Reliability.

Those are our most important core values.

Strong network:

Being in the music business for the last 10 years, we developed a strong and reliable network through our different projects and partnerships.

The Company

Our goal is to help artists develop long-term careers in a consistent manner and in harmony with their vision and philosophy.

Through a forward thinking approach and taking into account a global perspective, Smallfish offers  complete management services from strategy planning to playing gig at international level.

Our team offer a number of services such as: consulting, strategy planning, PR promotions national and at international level, social media, booking gigs/showcases. Finally, we connect the dots between press, media, corporate clients, promoters, your audience and you.

What about You ?

What do you want to achieve ?

Promote Your Tour effectively

Develop an engaging audience while touring.

We can help you to find your niche market and convert your audience into buyers

Build A Tour From Scratch

Design a successful tour.

We help you to prepare your next series of gigs but also provide our expertise with regards timeline, promotion and budget.

Develop a presence in Asia

Interested to step into the Asian market ? 

We can help you by building distribution and touring activities.