Bands & Artists Who Want To

Grow  Their Audience

In a nutshell:

Smallfish is a creative agency based in The Netherlands  with a strong focus on Artist Management.
Our goal is to help artists develop long-term careers in a consistent manner and in harmony with their vision and philosophy. Our territory include Europe and Asia.

Through a forward thinking approach and taking into account a global perspective, Smallfish offers a complete set of management services from strategy planning to playing gig at international level.

Our team is positioned to offer a number of services such as: consulting, strategy planning, PR promotions national and at international level, social media, booking gigs/showcases

We connect the dots between press, media, corporate clients, promoters, your audience and you !

Festivals where our artists played:

List Festivals 2 - Artists Management
List of Festivals - Artists Management

What About You ?

What do you want to achieve ?

Promote Your Tour Effectively (Free E-Book)

Develop an engaging audience while touring.

We can help you to find your niche market and convert your audience into fans. 

Build A Tour From Scratch

Design a successful tour.

We help you to prepare your next series of gigs but also provide our expertise with regards timeline, promotion and budget

Develop a Presence in Asia

Interested to step into the Asian market ? 

We can help you by building distribution and touring activities.


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