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Koichi Shimizu

Koichi Shimizu

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Otolary - Koichi Shimizu

Born in Japan, studied sound engineering in NY, Koichi Shimizu ” first moved to Bangkok in 1993. As a young musician, he was influenced by lots of different type of the music but especially new type of dance music which raised strongly around mid 90’s.

Spending every weekend at small club on Silom road, only club playing serious techno in Bangkok at that time, he started making his own music with cheap drum machine and synthesizer but soon after he bought his ” first Akai sampler, he got into music production seriously.

In 1998, Shimizu decided go back to Japan to look for more opportunity in Japanese vital music scene and sent out his demo to many labels. He’s got his “first release from UK’s record label Worm Interface, split album with Japanese track maker Himuro in 1999.

During that period, Koichi Shimizu met his school mate in NY, Numb, who had just returned from US and started his own label called Revirth. Under the name Hanumand, Shimizu released 12” single “Hacked” in 2000.

Shimizu returned to Bangkok in 2003 with strong passion to explore South East Asia with his music.

He was passing his demo to people he met and one of them was reached to  Thai  director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang who was looking for sound designer for his fifth feature  “Invisible Waves” featuring Tadanobu Asano. Shimizu’s subliminal soundscape fi ” went very well with Pen-Ek’s imaginary cinematography, thus he provided sound design and music score for series of Pen-Ek’s features & shorts include “Ploy”, “Twelve Twenty” and with music score for “Nymph”.

Koichi Shimizu won Best composer award at Dubai International Film Festival in 2009.

He also has been providing sound work for another Thai Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, for the film “Syndromes and a Century”  and “Uncle Boonme who can recall his past lives” which was awarded Palme d’Or in Cannes in 2010.

Koichi Shimizu also has been active as a label owner and event organizer under the name “SO::ON Dry FLOWER” since 2003. The label is constantly releasing album of unique local artists and as a event organizer, he’s invited various type of bands/artists such as Mogwai, Toe, Mono, Otomo Yoshihide, Kanding Ray, Samuel Kerrige, Jazzkamer, Moha to Bangkok.