Smallfish is a creative agency based in The Netherlands  with a strong focus on Artist Management.
Our goal is to help artists develop long-term careers in a consistent manner and in harmony with their vision and philosophy. Our territory include Europe and Asia.

Through a forward thinking approach and taking into account a global perspective, Smallfish offers  complete management services from strategy planning to playing gig at international level.

Our team is positioned to offer a number of services such as: consulting, strategy planning, PR promotions national and at international level, social media, booking gigs/showcases. We connect the dots between press, media, corporate clients, promoters, your audience and you !

Web Management80%
Social Media90%


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  • 2 Concept
  • 3 Go Live
  • 4 Review




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How I set up a show for Backstreet Boys in Bangkok

Some Context: In 2013, the American band Backstreet Boys started their world tour “A World Like This” with around 30 gigs just in Asia. Impressively massive ! Those 30 gigs were spread on a 2 years period. First leg start in May 2013 and the final one end in May 2015. 13 shows in China, […]

Touring Management in Asia – Some basics

If 20 years ago, someone would have told me that I will be involved in touring management and bring band for touring in Asia, I would not have believed you ! Lot of people tend to idealise that touring in Asia or somewhere a bit exotic with a band is like being in a never [...]

5 Reasons why Estonian band I Wear* Experiment is popular in Asia

Let's get rid of some numbers first:Shows in Asia Best Ranking in Asian SNS (Facebook) Asian countries visited Estonian band I Wear* Experiment's situation in January 2016 Doing OK in the Baltic – I saw a few video clips with good numbers in terms of views. It seems the band had a decent fanbase in [...]

The importance of music showcases – Get the best of them !

 Music showcases/conferences are legion and you should not neglect them. If you are a band and looking to extend your opportunities to grow successfully, you may be interested to read this post. Yes music showcases help artists to grow and shine in front of professionals. Some artists, after a performance at a showcases, were offered […]

South East of Asia popular destination for bands touring

Why artists/ bands are touring less in SE of Asia than Europe and US Well in case you did not notice it, it’s a fact that international artists hardly tour in South East of Asia, well actually I’m kinda of harsh here. Things are slowly changing and you may have noticed for the last 3 [...]

Best practises for bands touring in Asia

Bands touring in Asia, my first experience and how I faced a predicted disaster. For the last 25 years, I’m attending concerts and festivals, Just love it, could not live without. Few years back, almost 12 years in fact, I had in mind to set up a small tour for a  European band in South […]